Changing… me… one step at a time

This morning I had a mini revelation.

I woke up, after a rare 8 hours sleep, and decided to go swimming. Now this in itself is not amazing, clearly, but it IS amazing as I have not done any discernable exercise for 5 months since I was on holiday.

What prompted the change? Maybe it was getting on the scales after the 12 days of Christmas holiday eating. Maybe it was struggling to walk six flights of stairs on Thursday. Maybe it’s because my (largest sized) skirt just doesn’t want to zip up. Maybe it was drinking half my body weight in a good French Burgandy yesterday in London town in the aftermath (and relief) of delivering some key projects – and feeling like I should – and might, just might (and be able to) devote some time to myself. Maybe it was realising that I will be in a hot climate (and not able to cover up in jackets and so on) in just over 16 weeks. Well whatever it was, it kicked in this morning and I am very thankful for it.

So where to go swimming?  I’d given notice on my gym membership (not used it for some time!) but I thought I’d just check when it expired. Turned out to expire on Feb 1 – so to the gym I went, while the rest of the house slept. First ten minutes was challenging while my body tried to adjust to what my brain was telling it, but then I got into the swing of it again and my brain switched off and my body took over. Bliss.

So then I thought – in the lovely, cool, clear water of the pool – that changing (your habits/your routine) can be tricky thing and so I’m just going to take it one step at a time and try to make a small change every day to achieve what I want. So I thought I’d write about change – and to start with – changing me – one step at a time. Wish me luck, I’ve a feeling I’m going to need it.

4 thoughts on “Changing… me… one step at a time

    • Thanks, Elly. As we know it’s all too easy to let work and other things get in the way. I’ll just try to do my best every – and at least I’m conscious of my actions! It’s a start. Hope you are doing well!

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