Wow. ‘Normal sized’ people diet too?

Who knew? Well, I probably did, but I was clearly not taking any notice of it! Why this didn’t sink in before, I have no idea.

Of course slim people watch what they eat too. They cut down those calories before a holiday or a weekend away… and then again when they get back. I accept that there will always be exceptions – the person that can seemingly eat anything they want and never gain weight – but ultimately if you increase your calorie intake vs your calorie expendure, you will gain weight – and vice versa.

But back to the slim-jims … they might eat less Monday to Friday, so they can relax a bit over the weekend. Or maybe they’ll do some extra exercise to compensate.

Wow. That sounds simple. Although it’s taken me most of my adult life to realise this, I’m trying to be one of ‘those’ people. The ones that conciously eat … and the ones that enjoy their splurges, but stop the food party afterwards!

PS Off to the gym this afternoon to try out a new, personlised programme – got a feeling I’m going to feel it later on!

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