Too many Easter Eggs? Time to get back on the diet pony!

Well, the Easter break in the UK was 4 days long and a very welcome break from work. Met up with family, celebrated my Godson’s 16th birthday and generally ate and drank what I wanted to.

When I woke up yesterday (day 4) I felt more sluggish than normal – almost like a hangover. It seems my body has become used to eating more healthily – and it was not too keen on the carb-laden treats of the weekend.

Stepping on the scales was none too pleasant this morning either, but no more denial for me, the Easter weight needs to come off. So, today I jumped back on the diet pony and even went to the gym after work with Wayne (Fiance). Neither of us really wanted to go, but somehow we cajoled ourselves into going. Once there, I did a good job of impersonating someone who was enjoying themselves 🙂 except for the burpees with this weird pipe thing and doing the plank on a powerplate! Ouch.

If you’re reading this and you’ve over-indulged… don’t worry, just start being healthier tomorrow. Oh yes, and try to get some decent sleep – apparently it helps with weight-loss.

Night, night, my friends!

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