Friday cooked breakfast run? Just say no!

So… 2 weeks left to go in my self-imposed ‘4-week push’. After a good start, the sunshine (hello, Spring – you are most welcome!) has made me feel great about life and the universe, but hankering after social nights out with good friends and loved ones, and for a chilled glass or two of something sparkling … and I don’t mean San Pellegrino … so I’ll have watch it, or else I’ll be stabilising at a too high weight. Go to re-focus! And do it now.

I guess if I desperately fancy a drink-drink, maybe I can add some sparkling water to the wine. At the very least, that will help me not get too tipsy (what a great word!) as I appear to have lost my ability to drink since being on this ‘mission’.

Tomorrow, I’ll resist the ‘cooked breakfast delivered to your desk’ that is our usual Friday treat at work. If anyone from the office is reading this, you have my full permission to confiscate my egg buttie (fried egg sandwich) if I weaken my resolve overnight!

Finally, I need to remember that I’ve a couple of slightly-too-tight dresses to fit into this summer (bought as goals to get into) … and I’d really like to wear one of them on my birthday.

I can do it! Two weeks to go!

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