A stressful day tested my resolve!

Work yesterday was stressful. Not like life or death stressful. But stressful nevertheless. I was constantly interrupted so that I couldn’t get anything of substance done. It was unfortunate, but I did need to react to the interruptions for long-term results. But it really didn’t help my short-term ones – and so I felt like I had a really unproductive day! Will make myself go to work super-early on Monday to tackle those overdue tasks as I want to keep my weekend clear of work so I have a proper break.

This had the result that when I got home I really felt like I needed a treat to reward myself for a tough day (see a pattern, anyone?) but before consuming anything I checked in with http://www.myfitnesspal.com to see what I had left for the day to stay on track. Short-term pain for long-term gain, again. I managed to enjoy a nice dinner with a glass of wine and stayed within in my allowance. Success! But I really, really fancied a Mini Magnum (mini chocolate ice cream on a stick). Hmmm, no calories left. But wait, I was under calories for the day before! So I succumbed! Across the week I am still below my goal and the scales have begun to swing in the right direction again.

Day 3. Done. Stress did not win!

Wishing you a splendiferous day whatever your plans.

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