Stay Changed. Be Aware.

It’s a bit of a constant mission, this ‘project me’  thing. It’s not just over when you reach your goal weight. Here’s a little of what I’ve learned over this change process:

One, decide what to want to change. Two, make the change. Three, you are changed! Ta Da! Not done yet, though. Four: Stay changed – or end up right back where you started again. And that’s not good. Unless you liked that place. And I definitely didn’t!

What’s a tiny bit scary is that the behaviour from ‘before’ is just there, waiting, below the surface… waiting to make its appearance. In my case it could be the eating to celebrate … the convenience (for convenience, read junk food) eating … and possibly the worst offender, eating when not even hungry. What can I say, I like food! But you know, a slip-up is just that. As slip-up. A few days off is absolutely fine – and probably quite healthy. I’m probably going to make a mistake, go a bit food-crazy from time to time. The important thing is to recognise when I am no longer making sensible choices as soon as possible and not let it get out of control. In the past, this has been my mistake – I haven’t noticed as the weight gradually piled back on. So this is how I am trying to stay changed:

1) Stay active – walk up stairs; park away from the supermarket door (not the closest possible parking space!) – go to the gym once or twice a week (it’s hard to avoid those full-length mirrors!)

2) Stay well-hydrated (it’s amazing how easy it is to forget about this)

3) Wear belts or tight-fitting clothes (or at least, not stretchy clothes) – to tell when my waistline starts to increase!

4) Get on the scales once a week

5) Throw away larger sized clothes so there is no instant bigger wardrobe on hand; give them to the charity shop or have them made smaller

6) Nip any weight gain in the bud and don’t let it get out of control.  It’s easier (and less depressing!) to lose 6 lbs than 20. Or 40!

I think awareness is going to be key. So that’s my goal: Stay changed. Be aware.

5 thoughts on “Stay Changed. Be Aware.

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  2. You might love this book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, which is what I follow for New Years Resolutions 🙂 Many of the objectives mentioned in your post she covers in the January chapter. I really think you would enjoy it, quick and easy read!

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