The day on which the swimming got more tricky!

… and I have to actually read the instructions for the training!

I managed to get in my mid-week swim in! Yay! And this, despite working in the office and not from home today. But I did find it tougher this time. Maybe because I did it in the evening. Maybe because I’ve had 3 very long work days. Maybe it’s because I’m just not fit enough! Maybe it’s because I did the second training session for the 5K smimathon and there was no breastroke at all – in over 60 laps – which is my normal swinming stroke of choice!

I was amazed how hard it was doing backstroke; legs only (edit: not for all 60+ lengths; just for 12!) and I realised the importance of taking the rest breaks during the session – well, it is on the training plan, after all, which is what I’m supposed to be following!

I think I’m going to sleep well tonight! How are you all doing?


PS: This was what I did – copied text from the training plan, link below!

Session 2: For this session you’ll need: approx 1 hour, a hat (if required), goggles, kick board, drinks bottle (pre, during, post), energy bar (post training), heart rate monitor (optional)

Session target – 1800m (72 lengths) Main session target heart rate: 50-60 beats below max heart rate (BBMHR)

 Warm up: Swim for 8 minutes alternating 4 lengths front crawl and 4 lengths backstroke – without resting. Rest: Up to 1 minute after the 8 minutes. Effort level: Easy

Main session: 

  1. Swim 16 lengths front crawl. Rest: 45 seconds every 2 lengths.
  2. Lying on your back hold a float above your head or to your chest and kick for 12 lengths using backstroke. If you don’t have a float your arms can be by your sides or straight above you in a streamlined position. Rest: 1 minute after each length
  3. Swim 16 lengths front crawl: aim to get faster from lengths 1 to 8 and then again from lengths 9 to 16.  Rest: 30 seconds every 2 lengths.

Effort level: Moderate

Swim down: Swim for 6 minutes using a stroke of your choice – without resting.  Effort level: Easy

Here are the training plans and swimathon links respectively:


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