Training and Rewards

So 2 swimming sessions done so far this week. So far.
I decided a couple of weeks back that once I got to 10 swimming sessions that I’d allow myself a reward. So on Sunday it’ll be 10 sessions done, so I shall be buying myself some boots that I’ve been wanting for a while! Often, though, my ‘reward’ for anything would be food or drink… but am trying to get out of that habit! You know that thing. Food to be sociable. Food to commiserate. Food to celebrate. Food because I deserve it.  I guess I need to change just ‘food’ to ‘healthy food’!!

Anyway today I swam about 90 lengths today – and about 40 of them legs only! Feeling it a bit tonight!

Session 4 … pull buoys and swim paddles …!?

So I didn’t manage two training sessions this week as I was chained to my work desk! I won’t bore you with the details except to say that I more well-aquainted with Brazilian import prodedures than our Post Room (and more than should be) and yet I still have four packages stuck in Sao Paolo that should be somewhere else. Just a tiny example of the week’s trials and tribulations.

So swam I did this evening at least – session 4 of the Swimathon training and it was tough. And apparently I needed a swim paddles (for my hands) help with the training. And a pull buoy (just a funny shaped float). So no swim paddles unfortunately – I had never even heard of then so I’ll have to acquire some! So I did 30 lengths without swim paddles – just arms only – but it took me ages. I guess the paddles would have made me faster, right? If anyone knows, please do tell!

I haven’t signed up for the 5K yet (200 lengths of a 25m pool) and I’m slightly concerned that I’ll be the slowest one there and run out of time to do it!  I guess I still have time as it’s in April…!

The day on which the swimming got more tricky!

… and I have to actually read the instructions for the training!

I managed to get in my mid-week swim in! Yay! And this, despite working in the office and not from home today. But I did find it tougher this time. Maybe because I did it in the evening. Maybe because I’ve had 3 very long work days. Maybe it’s because I’m just not fit enough! Maybe it’s because I did the second training session for the 5K smimathon and there was no breastroke at all – in over 60 laps – which is my normal swinming stroke of choice!

I was amazed how hard it was doing backstroke; legs only (edit: not for all 60+ lengths; just for 12!) and I realised the importance of taking the rest breaks during the session – well, it is on the training plan, after all, which is what I’m supposed to be following!

I think I’m going to sleep well tonight! How are you all doing?


PS: This was what I did – copied text from the training plan, link below!

Session 2: For this session you’ll need: approx 1 hour, a hat (if required), goggles, kick board, drinks bottle (pre, during, post), energy bar (post training), heart rate monitor (optional)

Session target – 1800m (72 lengths) Main session target heart rate: 50-60 beats below max heart rate (BBMHR)

 Warm up: Swim for 8 minutes alternating 4 lengths front crawl and 4 lengths backstroke – without resting. Rest: Up to 1 minute after the 8 minutes. Effort level: Easy

Main session: 

  1. Swim 16 lengths front crawl. Rest: 45 seconds every 2 lengths.
  2. Lying on your back hold a float above your head or to your chest and kick for 12 lengths using backstroke. If you don’t have a float your arms can be by your sides or straight above you in a streamlined position. Rest: 1 minute after each length
  3. Swim 16 lengths front crawl: aim to get faster from lengths 1 to 8 and then again from lengths 9 to 16.  Rest: 30 seconds every 2 lengths.

Effort level: Moderate

Swim down: Swim for 6 minutes using a stroke of your choice – without resting.  Effort level: Easy

Here are the training plans and swimathon links respectively:


The day on which I start swimathon training …

Just a quick post tonight – and to say I’m trying my best to establish a habit – and planning when I do my exercise!

I haven’t quite yet decided if I’m going to do a swimathon or not, but I even if I don’t, I can train as if I’m doing it – which means I have a structure and am increasing my training.

I looked at the 5K training plans and tonight I did the first session plan. It took me just over 60 minutes – and it says it should have taken around an hour, so that’s ok I guess 🙂 I swam about 1600 metres.  

You can find the training plans here, if you’d like:

If you fancy doing the swimathon, just take a look here:

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