Swimming to restart!

So last time I went for a swim I felt terrible. It was a horrible swim, the worst since I started. I couldn’t understand it – surely I should be progressing, not the opposite!

All made sense though a couple days later as just couldn’t keep awake and was unwell – must have been fighting it when I went swimming.

Then had a mega busy time at work and I haven’t really felt like going swimming since. I can get up early to watch the F1 or work, but not for a swim?! So today is the day. Off for a splish splosh.

Have a great day, y’all!

Session 4 … pull buoys and swim paddles …!?

So I didn’t manage two training sessions this week as I was chained to my work desk! I won’t bore you with the details except to say that I more well-aquainted with Brazilian import prodedures than our Post Room (and more than should be) and yet I still have four packages stuck in Sao Paolo that should be somewhere else. Just a tiny example of the week’s trials and tribulations.

So swam I did this evening at least – session 4 of the Swimathon training and it was tough. And apparently I needed a swim paddles (for my hands) help with the training. And a pull buoy (just a funny shaped float). So no swim paddles unfortunately – I had never even heard of then so I’ll have to acquire some! So I did 30 lengths without swim paddles – just arms only – but it took me ages. I guess the paddles would have made me faster, right? If anyone knows, please do tell!

I haven’t signed up for the 5K yet (200 lengths of a 25m pool) and I’m slightly concerned that I’ll be the slowest one there and run out of time to do it!  I guess I still have time as it’s in April…!