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Unrelenting optimist; slow but enthusiastic cyclist. I love family; happiness and kindness; the ocean, bubbles and sunsets - combined if possible; watching Dance; having sofa sundays; love, laughter and as much silliness as possible. Making healthy changes in my life. Blog: https://changingonestepatatime.wordpress.com/

The problem with falling off the diet waggon

… is that you have to get back on it again. Go through those same hunger pangs. Just when your poor body was starting to get used to being fed less.

Today, then, I was hungry! I resisted though. Had a nice Pret A Manger avocado and crayfish no bread sandwich for lunch! Yum!

Today I did it the old-fashioned way. I physically wrote in my (food/diet) diary. It was strangely satisfying!

Tonight I have managed to save calories for a large glass of white … and possibly enough for a small bowl of ice cream, too.

Cheers to you, my fellow food lovers!


Cool glass of white, thank you!

A stressful day tested my resolve!


Work yesterday was stressful. Not like life or death stressful. But stressful nevertheless. I was constantly interrupted so that I couldn’t get anything of substance done. It was unfortunate, but I did need to react to the interruptions for long-term … Continue reading

4 changes of clothes before breakfast!

So I set the alarm for 5.30am but somehow didn’t leave the house until 7.45. Why? I couldn’t find what I thought was a flattering outfit to wear for work. This is not for lack of choice, but simply due to the bit of extra padding my dresses are tighter and shorter – they rise up due to the extra around the middle and bottom bit. So that’s why I tried on four outfits before I was happy enough to leave the house!

That’s one of the things I disliked so much about being heavier – the care needed to disguise unflattering lumps and bumps. And conversely, one of the things I loved, loved, loved about being lighter – being able to have much more choice about what to wear. Plus … early mornings are not my best time in the day so those few extra minutes in bed were fabulous! 


Shoe choice was equally lengthy - one must get the silhouette right!

Having got over the clothing dramas of the morning, I did manage to successfully complete day 2 of the new ’13 weeks to the beach’ mission. My food diary is complete and pleasingly I did not feel hungry or deprived on 1,200 or so calories a day!

Good luck to anyone trying to do something similar!

Until next time.

Today I confessed my weight to …

… an old friend.  One that I hadn’t contacted in a while. The old friend has been with me since the start of my journey 2 years ago. The friend is myfitnesspal.com!

I told my old friend my new weight goal, my current weight and how much weight I’d like to lose per week. I was rewarded with a calorie goal per day and an updated weight graph.

My goal is stated – written down – always an important thing for me and I have a date (and a reward) in mind. I will track my food and activity. Day 1 is complete. I am focused. It was good to make friends with my old pal again.

Wishing you a wonderful day!


Just say no to the unnecessary chocolates!

Back on track … nearly!

I am in the pre-contemplation phase.

It’s 13 weeks to a beach holiday so plenty of time to get back on track. Have had a bit of a splurge recently with food and drink.  Have kept off half the weight for a year. So I guess my current weight is my new “maximum, I have to stop now, weight”. Time to stop messing around and get back on it.

Went for a cycle ride at the weekend (then rewarded myself with a bottle of wine). Oops.

Today I am back… let the 13 week mission begin.

Dinner was lovely, but now it’s time to rein in the treats.

Did I succeed? Or do I need a reality check?

In an earlier post, I mentioned that people were asking me how I had lost weight – like I’d already met my goal (I hadn’t, but was close-ish). This got me thinking. How will I know if I’ve been successful in this quest to remain at a healthy weight?

I figured that success would be keeping it off for a year. So here I am, almost a year later checking in! So did I manage it? Did I keep it all off?  No… not quite.

I think at the root of my problem is the fact that I am a fundamental optimist. I always try to see the upside. In the past year I managed to keep off most of the weight I had lost. Note the use of most. In my head that means I’ve succeeded. Unfortunately… reality is checked when I try on the tight-fitting cream dress (the goal dress) from May last year. Nope… the zip won’t do up! I’ve conveniently dismissed the weight I’ve put back on, as I’ve still kept ‘most’ of it off. In my head keeping more than 50% off was a success. Blatantly this is skewed thinking so I’ve given myself a talking to and I’m back to fix it!

During the year, I’ve been weighing regularly myself, but had been thinking ‘I just need to lose my holiday weight’. What only just dawned on me is that I’ve now got 3 holidays to recover from,  dating back to August last year – and that includes the WHOLE month of December which was one long food and drink holiday! In truth, I’d also ignored the fact that it’s been taking me longer to get ready in the mornings – looking for flattering outfits to wear to cover up – how shall I put this – some extra bumps and bulges that really shouldn’t be there!

I realised all this last week and so I started my new quest last Monday. Today is day 6. I have set my goals. I have written them down in a spreadsheet and an old-fashioned diary that I carry round with me. That always helps for me.

My friend, Jott, said to me last week “Last year, nothing would stop you from meeting your goal – you were so determined”. And it’s true. I wanted to fit in the dress more than I wanted a big glass of wine. I have refound my motivation and I’m bringing that determination back in an 8-week attack to get the weight back off – taking me to mid-May.

If you’re doing something similar – good luck – we can do this.

Spring Equinox and sun – a good time to reclaim good habits

It seems there’s a feeling amongst my friends and me that now is the time to get healthy – so I’m back on the blog! Yesterday was the Spring Equinox and represented day 4 of my own reclaiming of healthy living habits.

I’m re-evaluating my goals (some that have been mislaid in the few months… ahem!) and will be setting some new ones. I’m going to start with a review of the past few months and what’s gone well and what has not.

Stay tuned and let me know if you have similar challenges or questions.

Happy Friday! And happy good habits, too.

Happy Birthday to me (!) … the 4-week/9-day push ends well!

I didn’t quite make my original 4-week goal, but I got so close! I did drop a little weight overnight so I can happily report that I am the lightest I have been for 20 years! And I did make it into a dress that was too small for me 4 weeks ago… and even my Mum commented that my legs looked slim!

Here we are out for a very lovely lunch today!




I loved lunch! It was delicious and very special! I couldn’t manage all of my dessert, though (poor attempt!) but it definitely didn’t stop my enjoyment of the whole day

I’ll be taking a diet break for a few days, and I expect to increase a little weight over the coming days, but I am not going totally wild! I am planning to be back at the same weight in one week’s time, all being well.

New goals need to be set when I’m back. I’ll think about what I want to achieve in the next few weeks. That will take us to the middle of June and one whole year since I started this healthy mission. One year! I can’t believe it’s been such a long time, it has flown!

Thanks for sharing my journey with me… I wish you a wonderful day, evening or morning… wherever you are!